Your Greatest
Destination is Waiting

Infinite Possibilities Wayfinder ~ Beth Schindele
It's Time To Find Your North Star

Your journey toward a better way of living begins today.

Whether you’re looking to quickly re-calibrate your current directions or create a road map for a life-long journey and reaching your ultimate destination, support calibrating your inner GPS is waiting for you.


Begin traveling toward the life of your dreams.

"What you seek is seeking you." ~Rumi
Do your dreams for the future seem out of reach?
Are you at a dead end?
Have you lost your way?

Is your day full of overwhelming negative thoughts preventing you from reaching your goals?

Are you feeling stuck & always wondering what is standing in your way of succeeding?

Are you constantly under-stress trying to figure out why you never seem to be 'enough'?

Does it seem as though your life is too hard and never fair to you?

Are you questioning your 'why'?

Do you keep asking 'when' and 'how'?

What I Specialize In

Personally supporting you along life's journey.

No matter where you are on your journey in life I will meet you there.

Whether you prefer exploring with other sojourners or have specific areas of your life that require focused attention, I am right there with you.

I am here for you.

Calibration Workshops

Sometimes decisions veer us off course and we get lost. Other times unexpected detours find us struggling with how to return to back to our 'why'.

As your personal infinite possibilities empowerment coach I will guide your journey with success principles.

Mini workshops are a perfect way to jumpstart overcoming setbacks and a stalled journey.


I Believe In Me: Student Empowerment Program

I Believe in ME! is a youth empowerment program designed to share the concepts behind living more consciously and deliberately to create the life that one wants. The program shows students how powerful they are and that if they can use their imagination, believe in themselves, and follow a few simple steps every day, they can create the life they want.

Private Wayfinder Coaching

Supporting your individual goals (career success principles, avoiding burnout, building relationships, recharging your mindset, financial freedom, discerning your 'Why'), as your personal WayFinder, I provide 1:1 private transformational life coaching to empower you along your journey. 

The possibilities are endless.

You are worthy!

Infinite Possibilities Wayfinder

I guide my clients to believe in their most authentic, empowered selves so that they may trust their value & worth to step boldly into living with radiant abundance, creating a life they truly love, a life that overflows with infinite possibilities.  

We create our lives, and our big hairy audacious goals (BHAG), one day at a time, one thought at a time, one action at a time.


As each thought, action, and opportunity arrives we get to discern our journey's destination. 


What we think, feel, visualize, speak and believe manifests into our life's reality - there are no limitations - all things are possible.


What is standing in the way of living your most ideal life?


Meet Beth

From overworked to overflowing love.

From homelessness to homeowner.

From penniless to prosperity.

From grit to grace.

From impossible to
I'm possible.


For years, I gave my life to my career, my family, my spouse, my kids, my friends. I was overflowing with dis-ease, and I never felt I was 'enough'.

I was weary.
Then I decided to seek a way that my most soulful self could live with ease and abundance. I calibrated my inner compass - to integrity & authenticity - and began to follow my true purpose in life.​

Now, I give back to the world by empowering others to live the truest version of themselves -  authentically with infinite possibilities, happiness, self-love and abundance.

  You are worthy.


backed by the best

Certified Trainer & Facilitator

By some of the world’s leading experts on success, happiness, and coaching.

Since beginning my work with Beth a few months ago, she continues to be an exemplary professional coach.
She balances listening, sharing insights and guiding me to consider options, to develop and attain goals. Her brilliance, wealth of knowledge, follow-through, empathy and guidance continues to be tremendous assets to identifying and realizing my life's dreams.